Maldives: A Surfers Dream

Rafil Mohamed

Be warned though, you might never wake up from Maldives: the surfers dream.

Maldivians have been surfing since time immemorial. Our ancestors were not blessed with modern surfboards and body boards; however this did not prevent them from venturing out onto the beautiful but unforgiving reef breaks of Maldives. They created make-shift boards from wooden planks, sometimes even stealing old wooden bed slats (locally referred to as Malhu) from some unfortunate grandfather or grandmother.

Who could blame them, the pull of the Maldivian ocean and surf-breaks were far too greater. These were truly the waves of Paradise. A constant 28 degree Celsius water temperature akin to a modern temperature controlled spa bath, lush green islands heralding the whitest of white sandy beaches for a view and crystal clear water underneath your board inhabited by fishes of Paradise itself. Some people say that these perfect wave conditions put some riders into trance like states as even gashes and cuts suffered as a result of wipeouts go unnoticed. As a surfer, I for one can verify this claim.

Though the Maldives have gained popularity internationally for central and southern atoll surfing. There are more than hundreds of surf breaks spread across the Maldives. Conventionally speaking, the South-West Monsoon (Hulhangu Moosun) has been promoted as the official natural surfing season of the Maldives. However, this is a fallacy as there are numerous world class breaks that work even during the North-East Monsoon (Iruvai Moosun).

Of course, it is up to the adventurer in you to locate and learn about these breaks and discover the unsung mysteries of our ancient oceans.

Be warned though, you might never wake up from Maldives: the surfers dream.