Dhivehi Diving

Rafil Mohamed

Vanhuruvalhi Kandu: The Gem of Meemu Atoll

Vanhuruvalhi Kandu or Gaahura Kandu is a channel dive located in the Northern tip of Meemu Atoll. It is truly a diver?s dream and personally speaking, on my list of all-time top 10 dive sites of Maldives. It is a dive site that simply has ?got it all?. On the mega fauna front, Divers can view up close and personal, schools of well-fed grey reef sharks, white-tip reef sharks, large schools of eagle rays, seasonal manta rays as well as resting zebra sharks.

In terms of reef fish life groupers, snappers, fusiliers, oriental sweetlips, schools of big eye trevally and the rest of the usual suspects plus some unusual suspects are regular features. Why wouldn?t they, when the hard coral cover of the adjoining reefs are exceptional.

Additionally, there are two 75m long overhang filled ledges between 30m ? 37m which are located at the entrance of the channel filled with bright fluorescent yellow soft corals which sway in the currents akin to a hanging underwater garden. However, be careful and not exceed the Maldivian recreational scuba diving depth limit of 30m when visiting these overhangs . Please also note that only the highly experienced hardcore divers should attempt this dive if there is what we Maldivians refer to as ?Alifaann Oye? translated as Flaming/Blazing Current (A very powerful current) at the dive site.